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Ces CamilleriSince I discovered my aptitude for drawing, it has always been my ambition to become a commercial artist. I started in the metal trade when I was fifteen, where I worked in a wrought iron workshop. There I was trained by Blacksmiths using the old world style of wrought iron using a forge and anvil. Through this I found my niche for working with my hands and creating pieces of art from raw material.

To further my career, I went to Trade school and completed my formal training in the metal trade. As part of this formal training I obtained six Department of Labour Industry (DLI) certificates, which gave me the skills and knowledge to work on various types of specialised metals.

The skills I obtained over this time expanded my career opportunities as I was employed by several large engineering firms. Here I developed a high level of expertise with complex industrial work. While I valued this experience, I still dreamed of one day being able to use my skills in a more creative fashion.

Finally I decided to start my own business which allowed me to achieve my ambition of becoming a commercial artist. Through doing this, I realised my dream of applying my skills in a creative way. I enjoy taking a collaborative approach to my work and coming up with design concepts that meet the clients’ needs and turning them into finished products they are proud to own.

I have undertaken a number of major design projects, which have won several awards in this field and are exhibited in calendars, postcards and books.

I appreciate the positive feedback I receive from people who commission my work and passers by who view my pieces when on public display. My aim is to maintain this reputable standard through a highly professional approach to all new work I undertake.

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